This instrument is a 'state of the art' instrument with a removable neck. In the Turkish language "Cumbus" has a huge spectrum of meanings: fun, entertainment, to be funny, but it also means the intensity of sounds/timbre.

The Cumbus is A LIMITED production Turkish instrument. Only 3,000 pieces a year leave the Cumbus family factory in Istanbul. The instruments are still hand made. Offered to supply open-minded musicians heading for unique sounds and new playgrounds.

A revolutionary idea was to take different sized necks for only one body. Within a minute you can turn the standard oud-type into a long neck lute or a mandoline, just by changing the neck. Only one year after the invention he received a certificate from the leader of the Turkish president's orchestra, documenting that "this instrument is able to repeat the

sound of eastern and western instruments alike, to sound like mandolin, guitar, banjo, tambur and oud by changing the neck."

The Cumbus is the soul and the musical masterpiece of the house, which not only gave them their name and pride, but also gives a lot of fun to many musicians and their audiences.

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