Middle Eastern DanceMiddle Eastern Dance is one of the oldest known dance forms. This tradition is an ancient art that has lasted throughout the centuries.The captivating music, the sensuous movement, the elaborate costumes, will lure you into a world of foreign intrigue and delight. In the Middle East, dance has played an important role in celebrating and depicting important events. From villages to urban areas, culture is celebrated through dance. Below are some of the forms we will explore in camp.

2012 DANCE TEACHER TOPICS:-- working on these......

NOURHAN SHARIF will hold a Rhythm Training & Drills Workshop! Bellydance Bootcamp!

Utilizing her 4 Cds for training with Rhythms (co-produced with Karim Nagi a professional musican).  Learn rhythms while learning combinations, one of her signatures when teaching as she drills technique into your body!  Be prepared to sweat and learn Middle Eastern Rhythms!  Nourhan will apply some of the rhythms we focus on to a piece of music or two time permitting! Nourhan is known for organized classes and has developed a method of teaching that works ! Many of her students are top dancers in NYC today because of her training !

Suggestion that you purchase the  4 rhythm CDs in advance to get more out of the workshop

 Nourhan Sharif ~ Veils and combinations for the Bellydancer
Dancing with air - the art and mystery of veil work - mesmerize your audience with the poetry of swirling silk and the promise of lands long forgotten. Nourhan teaches how to make it look easy, natural, and feminine.

The spirit of every dancer is unique-- the truly creative dancer calls all the elements into the realm of her performance-- the excitement of fire, beauty of air, wateriness of emotion, and grounding to the earth. Nourhan Sharif invites you to explore your own relationship to the elements and your own creative spirit through the magnificient experience of Middle Eastern Dance.


--Funky Tribal Fusion with Finger Cymbals

--Slow and Slinky - Moving with Intention and Power

--Daily warm-up, which will include a bit of yoga, breathing exercises and exercises specific for belly dance.

--Wings class-- for everyone curious about wings (I will have practice wings to use or bring your own)-- we will learn how to make the wings move like part of your body and work with some useful movements that you can use in any show.


1) SATURDAY, 10-11:30 "CHIFTI-TELLI with and without VEIL" The beautiful and haunting rhythm of the chifti-telli inspires exploration of movements in the space within and around the dancer.  Feel the Chifti-telli with the whole body then expand the space around us with The Passionate Veil as we work with this soul searching rhythm.

2)  SUNDAY, 3:15-4:45 "Be The Music - Improv Class" (Accompanied by Master Musician Souren Baronian)--- Dancers praise Aszmara's signature workshop stating that it has changed how they view and feel their connection to dancing. With Insights into Music and Movement, Aszmara never fails to lead dancers into finding new nuances in the Mind, Body and Spirit of Dance. With Master Musician Souren Baronian joining Aszmara, we ?nd new ways of listening and understanding the taxim form, work on improvisational skills, connect with the musician’s voice, and to express ourselves in the emotional notes of the music.

3) SATURDAY, 1:30-3:00 "Zil Dance" Aszmara is most known for her amazing Zil playing - she plays like a musician and her dancing is "in" the music.  Illuminate the rhythm inside the music and yourself as we connect rhythm and dancer with drills, musical dynamics, games and improvisational playing.  Don't just Play the cymbals, Play the Music of the dance.


Turkish Oriental Combos with Alexia

Come learn fun and sassy Turkish oriental combos with Alexia!   We’ll explore 9/8 rhythms and chiftitelli.  Mucho combos, mucho fun!  Bring a large skirt and a sassy attitude!

Turkish 9/8 Drum Solo with Alexia

Experience the fiery temperament of a blend of Turkish Oriental and Romany (Gypsy) dances that represent personal skill, interpretation of the music and movements mimicking everyday life.  Learn TEN fun and exciting combos using a 9/8 time signature within a drum solo.


--create a dynamic and entertaining show using the Serena technique, developed by legendary pioneer Serena.
--Spanish Arabic fusion technique and choreography
--learn to choreograph using the Laban based analysis of dance. Create a unique structured improv using this technique.


Turkish Folk Dance, from different regions of Turkey for women and man


Turkish Romany (Gypsy) Dance, History and Culture. Turkish Romany karsilama Romany 9/8 rhythms, and steps for dancing to both slow and fast versions, information, Turkish Romany rhythms and dance combinations and finger snaps. Also some choreography to entire songs.

Daily Schedule 


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